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Audio Cbale

N-5 Fire

  • series
  • technology

    all same direction / cycle direction / all positive phase

  • feature

    softer mid-high frequency performance

  • size
    Outer  diameter:10mm


    Wire  base  material:single  crystal  silver


N-5 Water is a water series audio cable under Fatiwee's energy series.

It adopts a synthesis of three technologies, namely all same direction, cycle direction, and all positive phase. Its characteristic is a more delicate mid-high frequency performance, particularly attractive for vocals with a water-like quality that captivates the listener. It is especially suitable for audiophiles who enjoy listening to female vocals and violin music. The N-5 Water cable has clear instrument separation while also possessing a gentle and mellow quality that gives the guitar's plucking sound a strong sense of musicality.

The basic conductor of N-5 Water is a high-standard single crystal silver wire. Generally, the conductive effect of silver is quite excellent. The effect of single crystal silver is even higher than that of ordinary sterling silver. This N-5 cable body is soft and easy to use, and it can still be used normally after more than 6,000 times of unplugging and plugging tests with Fatiwee's exclusive custom-made red copper gold-plated terminals. The cable body is covered with a durable audio-specific cloth isolation net, which is convenient for routing and protecting the cable body. The simple silver-white cable body reveals the noble demeanor of this cable.