feature 1

all same direction

The biggest feature of Fatiwee is (all same direction) technology, what is all positive phase technology? The general method used by wire rod manufacturers is to pull the copper wire on the left axis to the right axis and then pull it back. In this way, two copper wires can be obtained once and for all. If you need 200 copper wires, you can get 200 copper wires by pulling them 100 times, and then cover them with the injection molding machine.

But this method has a big disadvantage. The problem is that when the copper wire starts from the left to the right spool, it is in one direction, and when it comes back from the right, it becomes the opposite direction. In this way, the direction is one positive and one reverse Sex becomes chaos and cancellation. In fact, in order to improve the production time efficiency, the factory often lays out 6 to 12 axes at the same time during production, but the direction of each axis is not unified. In this way, the directions of many axes are not in the same direction. Adding back and forth reverse offsetting, the directions in the whole line are messed up. Even if the direction arrow is printed on the outside, it is meaningless~

For example: just like the small stones on the river, if the small stones on the river bed are not arranged in the same direction but stones of different sizes are placed randomly, when the water level is relatively low, you will find that the water surface passing by is undulating. Uncertain, some places will even stir up waves, and there will be turbulent currents under the water surface. If you pass by the waterway in a small boat at this time, you will feel that the comfort is quite bad. (Water represents the performance of the current passing through, and the stone represents the uneven river.) If the crystal arrangement direction of the audio copper wire is not consistent, the stability of the current passing will be affected, although it can eventually achieve electrification. Purpose: But the final sound quality is greatly affected.

Fatiwee's wires are time-consuming to produce according to the strict requirement that every copper wire must be in the same direction. Whether there are 100 or 1000 wires in the inner core, the same arrangement direction is required, and therefore The production time of Fatiwee with the same specification is more than 6 times longer than that of ordinary factories.

feature 2

cycle direction

The second feature of Fatiwee is (cycle direction) design~ What is step-by-step design? The alternating current runs in the order that the live wire goes out from the wall to the inside of the amplifier and goes around for a circle, and then returns from the water line of the amplifier to the water line on the wall.

Another explanation is that the positive pole goes back to the negative pole. Here, there is actually a very simple thing that everyone ignores, that is, the direction of the water line and the fire line are opposite! Therefore, we must match the (sequential direction) technique after the (transit phase) technique to be considered thorough.

For example, the direction of the two-lane lane is opposite but it can go unimpeded. If the opposite lane is in the same direction as the original lane, then it is quite difficult to reach the destination. Fatiwee combines the two technologies of (transverse phase) and (sequential direction) into (total positive phase technology). Although it is very time-consuming, the result is quite amazing and satisfying~

You can find that when the whole system uses Fatiwee cables, the whole system is like changing a set of high-end speakers or high-end amplifiers. After the whole system is connected to Fatiwee cables, the phase is accurate, even if you don’t use expensive equipment. , the sound played still has a certain level, and the tuning and positioning have become much simpler and easier~

feature 3

Same frequency resonance

The third feature of Fatiwee is Energy Plus (positive energy technology). All material or non-material have energy. In life, there are tangible and visible substances and various invisible rays; such as radio, X-rays, electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, far infrared rays, and various lights and sounds...etc. And (positive energy technology) is mainly based on wavelengths or frequencies that are harmless and beneficial to the human body itself. For example, we eat apples. If you eat a fresh apple, your body and your mood are comfortable. If you eat an expired and rotten apple, then you may have diarrhea and your mood will be badly affected~For example, if you eat It is a vegetable grown in the city with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and soil that is polluted with insufficient sunlight. Then you may get sick and your mood will be greatly affected. On the contrary, if you eat vegetables grown in a natural environment with sufficient sunlight and fertile soil, then your body will naturally be healthy and unburdened. When you are in good health, you will feel happy. Nature is also happy!

Fatiwee's energy technology selects resonant energy materials that are harmless to the human body, and eliminates pollution or impure substances that are not suitable for the frequency of the human body in accordance with the spirit of Hi Ene. According to its frequency characteristics, it is divided into four types: earth/water/fire/wind. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences

As for the material of copper wire, such as: OFC oxygen-free copper/OCC single crystal copper, OCC single crystal silver and alloy silver, etc., are the material technologies that are highly recommended by various brands.

Fatiwee uses it according to different product needs and different price bands, but for us, the use of these materials is a natural basic skill and basic technology! If it is not produced in accordance with (full positive phase technology), no matter how expensive the material is, it will not be able to make a good sound~