Fatiwee launched the Studio series and the water energy series of products in the spring of 2023


Studio series cables are characterized by balanced performance across the entire frequency band and true and uncolored timbre, suitable for recording studios and recording workers who need precision and uncolored.

The Energy Plus energy series is based on different series, each with different characteristics of music performance, for example, the water series is soft and soft like water, with the turning and undulation of the treble more subtle and soft. Another example is the Fangfeng series, which has outstanding performance in the width of the sound field and the sense of nobility in the high frequency band!

Simply speaking, the energy series is an audiophile line with "vitality". Whether it is the Studio series or the energy Plus series of products, they all use the three technologies of Fatiwee's world-leading all-sequential / sequential / all positive phase technology. It can definitely bring the best music listening experience to audio lovers or creators.