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Power Cbale

R-2 Land

  • series
  • technology

    all same direction / cycle direction / all positive phase

  • feature

    thick mid-bass performance

  • size
    Outer  diameter:14.5mm


    Wire  base  material:single  stamen  virgin  copper


R-2 Land is the first power cord in the earth series of Fatiwee's energy series.

It adopts the combination of three technologies (all forward position)/(sequential direction)/(all positive phase technology). It is characterized by a relatively thick mid-low frequency performance, and the warm and magnetic vocals are particularly attractive to listen to for a long time. It is especially suitable for audiophiles who like to listen to the sound of vacuum tubes and classical music. R-2 Land has a clear but full-bodied instrument shape, and the bouncing feeling of the drum head is particularly charming when listening to percussion music.

Its wire base is made of rare single-core virgin copper, and it uses the top carbon fiber audio power plug exclusively customized by Fatiwee. It can still be used normally after more than 10,000 times of unplugging and plugging tests. The cable body is covered with a durable audio-specific cloth isolation net, which is convenient for routing and protecting the cable body.