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Audio Cbale

N-3 Wind

  • series
  • technology

    all same direction / cycle direction / all positive phase

  • feature

    more elegant mid-high frequency

  • size
    Outer  diameter:10mm


    Wire  base  material:6N  OCC


N-3 Wind belongs to the wind series signal line in the energy series of Fatiwee.

It adopts the combination of three technologies (all forward position)/(sequential direction)/(all positive phase technology). It is characterized by a more elegant mid-to-high frequency sound field performance, and the vocal performance with a sense of nobility is particularly attractive. It is suitable for enthusiasts who like to listen to classical music and violin. N-3 Wind's instrument shape is clear and has noble and extensible characteristics. When listening to guitar and violin, the sound of rubbing strings has a sense of musical life.

Its wire body is soft and easy to use, and it can still be used normally after more than 6,000 times of pull-out and plug-in tests with Fatiwee's exclusive custom-made red copper gold-plated terminals. The cable body is covered with a durable audio-specific cloth isolation net, and the walnut wood ring has dual functions of marking and shock absorption for the cable body. The simple silver-gray cable body reveals the noble demeanor of this cable.